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Why you should replace your halogen lights now!

In 2018, Australia decided to call it ‘time’ on inefficient halogen lighting.  The two reasons are: Safety Energy efficiency The Dangers Halogen downlights came to prominence in the early 2000s as a modern feature in many businesses due to being aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Nonetheless, some people bought the cheaper option by buying non-Australian

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Get your maintenance sorted over the summer break

The Christmas – New Year break is the perfect time to get all of your electrical maintenance done, including the annual servicing of your smoke alarms and safety switches. MAJR Electrical is working right through this period to give you the peace of mind you need as we are a reliable, experienced electrical company who

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Free Electrical advice, No obligation Quote.

Many people don’t realise when they ask for electrical work to be done that the electrician must ensure that all previous electrical work is up to standard. For example, if you want new lights to be installed, there must be a Safety Switch (RCD) in your Electrical Switchboard to attach the new light. If there

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Leverage the power of workplace automation

Workplace automation offers your business better productivity, better security and it will make your business more energy and cost efficient. Key ways to leverage the power of workplace automation include : Low cost intrusion detection assistance which means that you are automatically notified through your mobile device when doors and windows are being tapered with

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