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Many people don’t realise when they ask for electrical work to be done that the electrician must ensure that all previous electrical work is up to standard.

For example, if you want new lights to be installed, there must be a Safety Switch (RCD) in your Electrical Switchboard to attach the new light. If there is not a Safety Switch available, this will need to be installed as part of the overall work.

With this in mind, it is recommended that you contact MAJR Electrical now to get a no obligation, free quote to have your business inspected for electrical safety before any future electrical work is done. This will give you an insight into knowing what any future electrical work will cost.

Another area of electrical safety that you need to be aware about are Smoke Alarms, as Smoke Alarms only have a 10 year lifespan.

People often think, “My Smoke Alarms were only installed a few years ago”, however, the reality is that they quite often do not realise that it has been over 10 years since they were installed (time does fly).

You can check how old your Smoke Alarms are by looking at the renewal date located on the alarm. If your Smoke Alarm does not have this date, it is time to have it upgraded or contact MAJR Electrical for advice.

You should also be aware that State Governments regularly update legislation regarding Smoke Alarms, making it even more important that you know your alarms are safe by keeping an eye on Smoke Alarm requirements. You can read more about this at the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service website.

Contact MAJR Electrical now to get a no obligation quote to replace an old Smoke Alarm with a quality hardwired, photoelectric Brooks Smoke Alarm (single) from only $200, with $50 off for each additional alarm.

Brooks Fire Alarms are made by Brooks Australia, so you will not only have peace of mind about detecting fires, you will also be supporting another Australian-owned business.

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